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Colloidal Silver

Modern day Colloidal Silver is an electrolyte of pure water, silver ions and microscopic particles. Strictly speaking only the particles are actually colloids but 'colloidal silver' has become the common name for the ionic/particle mixture available at most health food stores in Australia. Both the ions and particles are beneficial. Ions are small enough to enter the blood stream while particles continue through the digestive tract.The total silver content in colloidal silver (ions + particles) is usually between 5 and 20 parts per million. It can only be described as a mineral supplement. It is not an 'approved' pharmaceutical drug, (approval has never been sought), so it is illegal to make claims about its therapeutic (medical) effectiveness. 

Many manufacturers of commercially bottled colloidal silver 'creatively' describe all sorts variations on the basic recipe in order to claim that their brand or process is new, or unique, or more effective, or patented. But don't be fooled. There is only one relevant ingredient in colloidal silver, and that of course is silver in the form of ions and particles.